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I have acne,

How do I help my acne-prone skin?

When prioritizing skincare concerns, giving primary attention to managing your acne is your first step. By directing your efforts towards healing your acne, this will directly enhance the health of your skin and your general state of wellness. After effectively addressing and resolving your acne concerns, you can gradually transition to embracing skincare products aligned with the specific climate factors in your region.

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Understanding acne FAQs

In certain cases acne can appear to be getting worse, but is actually getting better. Our acne product Spotless is cleaning tens of thousands of pores on your face. As some of the pores are impacted, the follicular wall may break as the comedones are forced to the surface. The white blood cells rush in and inflammation develops. Once all the pores open, the white blood cells leave and the complexion clears up. Refer to our protocol to avoid increased inflammation and irritation.

Yes, makeup can contribute to your acne. Avoid heavy foundation make-up and opt for mineral make-up instead. Your foundation should be oil-free and water based. If you notice that flare-ups occur when you use a certain cosmetic, discontinue its use. For a foundation alternative use the Luminous Tinted SPF 44, which provides a soft, moderate coverage that is acne friendly.

While some people may experience temporary improvement in their acne due to sun exposure, it is generally not recommended to rely on the sun as a treatment for acne. The sun can initially dry out the skin and reduce inflammation, leading to a temporary improvement in acne symptoms. However, prolonged sun exposure can actually worsen acne in the long run. Sun damage can cause the skin to thicken and produce more oil, leading to clogged pores and increased acne breakouts.

Vitamin A and mandelic acid both exfoliate the surface of the skin and inside the pore. Salicylic acid exfoliates just the surface of the skin leaving the acne trapped in the pore. So, the acne will not clear out as easily. We prefer the alpha hydroxy acid mandelic acid like Clear Up, or a vitamin A like Restore.

You should always check with your health care provider before using any products/medications while pregnant.

Proven in clinical studies to be safe to use during pregnancy: Benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, and mandelic acid.

Medications that are not safe to use during pregnancy or breast feeding: Tetracycline, Tretinon, Isotretinoin and other products/medications containing vitamin A.

When it comes to prioritizing skincare concerns, it's important to address your acne first.  Focusing on managing acne will have a more direct impact on your skin's health and your overall well-being. Once you've addressed and healed your acne concerns, you can then start to explore and incorporate products that fall under your regional climate skincare routine.

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