About our founder

Katelyn Rousselle

Katelyn has 20 years of experience treating clients' skin.

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Women owned

Our founder Katelyn became an esthetician in 2004, and started developing products in 2016

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Canadian Native

You can get skincare services from Katelyn at The Skin Room in Edson, AB.

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Working Mom

Katelyn started both Atmosphera and The Skin Room while raising two babies. She understands the nuances all too well.

Meet our founder

Katelyn Rousselle

Growing up, Katelyn battled acne and lacked self-confidence because of it.

In 2004, she set out to help others build their self-confidence by providing clients with tools to love their skin.

In the last 20 years, Katelyn has opened her own skincare studio and developed her own product line to address the concerns of her clients. Each step along the way has influenced the development of a skincare routine based on skin’s response to it's environment.

Whether you've been here from the start of The Skin Room and Medikate or just found us, welcome to your new era of skincare.

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A New Era

About Atmosphera

Atmosphera's advanced climate-responsive formulas not only nuture your skin, but also respond to the unique needs of your environment. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients and innovative technologies, our products help your skin adapt and thrive in your climate.

When she's not developing products,

Katelyn is at The Skin Room

Celebrating 10+ years, Katelyn is still in her treatment room understanding client concerns and helping treat them.

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