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Treat your special someone to our e-gift cards - the perfect way to give the gift of skincare wellness. Delivered directly to your email, these e-gift cards have no processing fees and never expire. 


Canadian Brand

Everyday extras

Enhance your routine

Everyday extras are used across all climates and regions. They are good to have on hand for your regular routine, but all aren't needed everyday. Enhance your routine with these extras.

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Everyday Extras

Purify - Pore Purifying Astringent with AHA/BHA + Licorice + Green Tea - Atmosphera
Solar Defense - Untinted Mineral Daily Sun Protection SPF 40 - Atmosphera

Climate-focused skincare

Bring your skin into a new era

Our skin is our body's first line of defense against environmental factors, which change depending on the climate we live in. Just as we adapt our wardrobes, our skincare routine should be climate-responsive too. Atmosphera understands how your skin's needs can vary in distinct climates and provides solutions to fortify and shield it against the elements.

Products for your climate


With picturesque coastlines & breathtaking landscapes, the Coastal region presents a moderate climate. Weather and humidity are influenced by proximity to large bodies of water.

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Home to iconic national parks & the Canadian rockies, the Northern region is characterized by towering peaks, vast glaciers, and pristine alpine lakes. Expect drier conditions and cooler temperatures.

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Canada's Central interior is known for it's vast rolling hills & wide-open prairies. Experiencing a wide range of temperatures from hot summers to cold winters; humidity is based on proximity to lakes or rivers.

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Characterized by its scenic coastlines & rich maritime history, expect cool summers and mild winters in the Eastern region. Be prepared for frequent precipitation and high humidity in this climate.

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