It's my birthday! - Atmosphera

It's my birthday!

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Hey Friends, 

Katelyn here, founder of Atmosphera Beauty.

I'm turning 38 next week, yahoo!!

I've been on a health kick and my skin has been happy about that. I won't get into the nitty-gritty here, but the one constant for sure, has been using products specific for my skin & climate that helped give me a healthier complexion. It's a work in progress, especially having a hormone disorder, but it's been clear enough to skip my foundation which feels very liberating! 

As I celebrate my birthday, and as we approach summertime, I want to gift all of you, my close community, a 20% discount on the entire collection with the code "KATEBDAY" for the next 48hrs

Thank you for continuing to be my biggest supporters and for celebrating my birthday with me! 

All the love,


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